Delicious Ways to Cook with Canned Veggies

December 19, 2019

Canned vegetables are a more convenient way to cook flavorful and nutritious dishes for your family, without sacrificing the nutritional value and great taste you need in your daily diet. Did you know you can buy organic canned veggies at Whole Foods? When you choose organic vegetables, you are choosing food at its very best — non-GMO and free of synthetic ingredients. Stock up on pantry staples like Green Valley organic whole kernel corn, peas, cut green beans and French style green beans, now available at your local Whole Foods! Use the recipes below as inspiration to create delicious meals using our organic ingredients.


Cashew Shrimp and Veggie Rice Bowls 
Making healthy choices doesn’t always mean you need to give up the flavors and dishes you love. These cashew shrimp and veggie rice bowls are a creative way to bring the tastes of your go-to takeout meals home to your own kitchen. Add our organic cut green beans and whole kernel corn to add color and nutrients to this meal. Swap out shrimp with chicken, beef or another protein substitute to match your tastes and preferences.

Black Bean and Corn Stacked Enchiladas Verde 
These black bean and corn stacked enchiladas are the perfect weeknight recipe. The best part is? They cost less than $10 to bring to the table, and all of the ingredients can be found at your local Whole Foods. Our organic whole kernel corn has all the flavor you want with none of the fat or calories you don’t, complementing every dish.


Green Bean and Potato Gratin 
This green bean and potato gratin is the best way to guarantee everyone in your family eats their veggies. Use Green Valley organic cut green beans or French style green beans as the star of this dish. Our green beans are fat free, and picked at the peak of freshness, ensuring you and your family receive the best quality vegetables.


Mexican Sweet Potato Burrito Bowls 
When that burrito bowl craving hits you, consider this veggie-packed alternative. Use sweet potatoes as the base and top with rice, beans, Green Valley organic whole kernel corn, chicken or a protein of your choice for a low fat meal that’s filled with protein, nutrients and flavor. Vegetarian? Swap out meat for our organic garbanzo beans or another plant-based protein.

Mushroom and Pea Quick Risotto
If you’re looking for a foolproof way to get kids of all ages to eat (and enjoy) peas, this is it! This mushroom and pea risotto takes only 15 minutes to make, and is made from ingredients you probably already have on hand. Green Valley organic peas taste great, and are rich in vitamin C, protein and antioxidants, which makes them a much-needed pantry staple all year round. Toss in your favorite Green Valley organic rice, mushrooms, spices and parmesan for a tasty, convenient meal perfect for a work lunch or dinner.

Looking to create these recipes and more this week? Visit your local Whole Foods and pick up Green Valley organic corn, peas, cut green beans and French style green beans for fresh taste and organic nutrition all year long!