February 20, 2019

6 Green Valley Bowl Recipes

Have you noticed the recent bowl trend? We bet you’ve seen a variety of healthy meals all prepared in a bowl either on social media or even in restaurants! The reason? Bowl recipes have become extremely common because they suffice for all meals of the day and are also quite convenient for those who actively … Continued

February 7, 2019

6 Ways to Eat Healthier At Work

You do your best to eat healthy at home, but that busy 9-to-5 can make it difficult to stick to a routine. At times, it can seem easier to just grab a bite at the local pizza place or burger joint, but we’re here to tell you that’s not true! To help you stay committed … Continued

January 8, 2019

7 Casseroles the Whole Family Will Enjoy

You’ve seen it before — your family comes home after a long, tiring day and immediately asks you what’s for dinner. Lucky for them, you’ve got a big, delicious casserole finishing up in the oven! There are many one-dish recipes you can choose for feeding the whole family, but few things are better than a … Continued

December 11, 2018

7 Healthier Holiday Recipes

‘Twas the week before Christmas when all through the house, not a healthy item was to be seen, not a single recipe of green. The people were scrolling through our page with care, in hopes that a healthy recipe would be there. It’s almost Christmas, and it’s time to prepare! If only there was a … Continued

December 3, 2018

8 Comfort Foods for a Snowy Day

A snowy winter day is the perfect excuse to stay inside, catch up on your favorite TV shows, and warm up with a comforting meal! With roads being slippery and food delivery options being limited, your best option is to embrace your inner-chef and whip up something tasty yourself. That’s why we’ve put together this … Continued

October 26, 2018

7 Must-Try Pumpkin Desserts

If you think pumpkin puree can only be enjoyed in October, then you’re in for a surprise. There are so many different desserts that can be made using this versatile ingredient! From classic brownies to unconventional sweet dips, pumpkin puree is the perfect way to boost the nutritional value and flavor of your desserts all … Continued

October 4, 2018

5 Autumn Dishes Made with Beans

With the weather cooling down, there’s two things you should think about changing: your wardrobe and your meals! Aside from dressing warmer, fall is a time to add comfort and coziness to mealtime. While fall dishes are more hearty and filling, they can still be extremely healthy and fit within your diet! For example, bean-based … Continued

September 25, 2018

6 Delicious Recipes for Pre-cooked Rice

If there’s one food that is guaranteed to make healthy meals easier, it’s pre-cooked rice! You can pair this nutritious carbohydrate with any protein or veggie, and in minutes, you’ll have yourself a delicious, well-balanced meal. Don’t waste precious time thinking about the mechanics of meal prep; simply use our new, easy-to-serve rice pouches that … Continued

September 6, 2018

$10 Easy & Healthy Family Meals

How was work? What did you learn at school today? Gathering around the table with your family is more than just a way to satisfy hunger. It’s an opportunity to catch up with loved ones, bond, and share fun conversation. We know that there are many factors that can make family meals seem difficult – having … Continued

August 13, 2018

9 Healthy Back To School Lunches

Summer is quickly flying by, which means another school year is right around the corner! For kids, that means the time has come to start gathering school supplies and getting backpacks ready. For parents, it’s time to start packing your little one’s lunch again! Filling up your kid’s lunchbox with nutritious food can be challenging … Continued