7 DIY Valentine’s Day Crafts for Kids

February 8, 2016

Valentine’s Day is the perfect holiday to get creative with your kids, and nothing says ‘I Love You’ like a homemade gift! We searched the web and picked seven of our favorite Valentine’s Day crafts that you can make today with some basic craft supplies and things lying around the house. So, gather your little sweeties and have fun crafting.

Celery Heart Cards
If you think celery is just for eating… think again. Celery is not only a healthy and delicious snack; it can be used to create the sweetest card. This easy-to-do craft is great for kids that are too young to draw. Just cut some celery stalks, dip in paint and stamp a heart shape onto construction paper that you can fold into a card.

Melted Crayon Hearts
Is your craft closet full of old and worn down crayons? If so, this activity is a perfect way to put them to use. Just soak the crayons in water for a few hours, put them in a heart shaped pan and let them bake. This clever craft will leave your kids feeling like Picasso after they see their work of art.

Valentine’s Day Pom Monsters 
These pom monsters are a great Valentines Day gift to make with your “little monster”. Your child’s classmates wont be able to get enough of these fluffy little gifts.

You Rule Valentine
Unlike candy, which disappears right when it’s eaten, this is a Valentine’s Day gift that can be kept and reused. Not only is this useful for kids during school or homework time, the “You Rule” print out message will always be a sweet note for your child and their classmates.

Hand-Shaped Valentines
Personal and cute, these hand-shaped Valentines will be a classroom favorite! Simply trace your child’s hand over construction paper and cut it out with scissors. The kids can then decorate them with markers and stickers. Add in a cute one-liner like, “you’re hand-some” or “hold my hand” for added sweetness.

Heart Valentine Holder
With all the Valentines your kids will be getting at school, they will probably need a place to keep them all. This craft will show you how to turn an old paper bag into a heart-shaped holder. Then the kids can have fun personalizing theirs any way they’d like with markers, stickers, and stamps.

Popsicle Stick Love Bugs
Not all bugs are scary. Especially these adorable love bugs that are extremely customizable, allowing your kids to create multiple variations with relative ease. For an added touch, add a magnet to the back to stick to the fridge!

Whether you keep the newly done crafts at home or bring them as presents for your child’s classmates, we’re sure these gifts will win the hearts of any recipient. Try one this week and let us know how it goes on our Facebook page!