8 Chili Recipes That You Must Try This Season

November 10, 2017

Chili season is back (finally!), and aside from being delicious and comforting, there are a ton of benefits this versatile meal has to offer. In addition to requiring very little effort to prepare, chili recipes are perfect for experimenting with new and exciting ingredients.

With all the different ways to make chili, it can be difficult to pick just one recipe. To help you out, the Green Valley team has scoped out the chili scene and narrowed it down to these top picks:

White Bean Chicken Chili
You don’t have to spend hours in the kitchen to create a tasty meal. Prepared in just ten short minutes, our Green Valley Original White Bean Chicken Chili is a super easy way to get a nutritious and delicious meal on your dinner table.

Pumpkin Chili
Prepare to be amazed by this seasonal chili that uses canned pumpkin puree. Creamy, smooth and subtlety sweet, this chili is unlike any other. Tied together with various beans, diced tomatoes and other healthy veggies, your entire family will adore this meal.

Pumpkin Chili

Roasted Sweet Potato and Black Bean Chili
While potatoes aren’t a traditional component of chili, they make for a delicious and healthy addition. Try it for yourself with this sweet potato and black bean chili recipe. Loaded with healthy protein and carbs, this variation will be sure to become a go-to when you’re craving chili.

Turkey Chili
For a lighter alternative to traditional beef-based chili, try this yummy variation that uses lean turkey. Paired with high-protein red kidney beans and sweet corn, this recipe is a tasty way to provide your family with essential daily vitamins.

Turkey Chili

Quick Red Kidney Bean Chili
When it comes to busy weeknights, our Quick Red Kidney Bean Chili is a total game changer. Prepped and ready-to-eat in just fifteen minutes, this recipe is the ideal choice when you’re looking to get a meal on the table fast. Best of all, it’s full of healthy protein and nutrients.

Whole Wheat Turkey Chili Mac and Cheese
People of all ages will go crazy for this mac and cheese chili. Made with lean turkey, high-protein beans and whole wheat macaroni, this recipe much healthier than its classic counterpart.

Mac and Cheese Chili

Chili with Chocolate and Coconut
Whether you’re looking for the perfect recipe to win a chili cook-off or to simply impress your family, this out-of-the-box recipe will be sure to do the trick. Crafted from black beans, chocolate chips and toasted coconut, everyone will be shocked by this delightful sweet and savory combo.

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