Organic Family Meals for $10 or Less

October 3, 2015

“Organic is way too expensive for us.”

That’s what we heard a lot when we told families across the country that we were going to make it possible to prepare organic meals for their families. They’re not wrong. 100% organic meals can be more expensive than meals cooked with non-organic ingredients.  

But organic is not all or nothing. Everyone can be a little healthier or eat a little better. Everyone can switch an ingredient or two or three in their meal to make it better for the whole family; perhaps avoiding a few questionable additives, or simply knowing exactly what you are eating and the farming practices that went into it.

Organic for all doesn’t mean all or nothing.

We work hard to make sure that our organic beans, vegetables and pumpkin are affordable, each costing around $2, so you’re not focused on your budget. You’re focused on making healthy organic choices for your family at every meal.

There’s an old saying that goes “you can have something fast, cheap, and good, but you can only pick two.”

At Green Valley, we don’t think you should settle for just two. Dinners with Green Valley should always be quick, affordable, and delicious. We’ll prove it.

Our chefs spent months pulling together recipes that could feed a family of four with organic ingredients for $10 or less. These incredible meals are kept affordable by stocking up on some staples and using them a little at a time with each of our organic recipes. Check them out below!

For just a few dollars more you can make these delicious creations entirely organic, but healthy and affordable for all is our goal, so that’s what you’ll find in these $10 family friendly recipes:

  1. Our Quick & Easy Black Bean Chicken Tostadas bring a fun flair to dinner and come in around $10 with all organic ingredients.
  2. Warm up on a cold day with our Great Northern Bean and Vegetable Soup, savory and filling for around $9 total.
  3. Spice up breakfast for around $9.50 with Pinto Bean Chilaquiles.
  4. Explore a new and easy way to make a pasta classic for $8 with Pea & Parmesan Won Ton Raviolis.
  5. Kids and adults alike will find the sweet, rich flavor of our Pumpkin Waffles hard to resist, either as a base for your dessert or as a perfect $8 organic breakfast.
  6. Try something new with an easy one-dish dinner that will satisfy every appetite for just $10 – Two Bean Turkey Chili Tamale Pie.

Healthy and affordable was our challenge, and we think we’ve succeeded. Your challenge? Put your wallet and these recipes to the test.Tweet us pictures of your meals made with organic Green Valley ingredients.

Most importantly, share with us the whole family’s thoughts. We want to hear how your wife loved the Summer Corn Chowder or if your husband asked for seconds on the Sweet Corn Grits with Smothered Cajun Chicken, or if the kids successfully took three more bites of something green (we suggest our Pea Soup with Crispy Bacon) without too much fuss.

Keep coming back to see what new, delicious recipes we’ve created for your next family meal.