7 Lighter Recipes for Mexican Favorites

April 27, 2018

Mexican food is sometimes looked at by healthy eaters as being “off limits”. However, with the right preparation and recipes, the cuisine is fully capable of fitting into your lifestyle!

To make it easy for you, we’ve developed recipes for all your Mexican favorites. With these recipes in your back pocket, you can enjoy the cuisine as often as you want and rest assured that you’re doing your body good:

Black Bean & Corn Enchiladas Verde
Enchiladas can easily be made healthy with the right filling. To lighten them up, use our recipe that replaces meat with black beans and corn. It’s a great way to reduce fat content without sacrificing the healthy dose of protein.


Taco Soup
A low carb Mexican meal may seem impossible, until you discover our taco soup! You’ll still be able to enjoy all your favorite components of tacos – ground meat, whole kernel corn, black beans, pinto beans and spices, at just a fraction of the carbs.

Chicken & Black Bean Tostadas
Chicken and black bean tostadas are the perfect idea for a Mexican dinner that’s high in protein and low in fat. Plus, it comes complete with many other health benefits including antioxidants, fiber and vitamins.

Black Bean Tostadas

Classic Refried Pinto Beans
Every Mexican meal should be paired with a side of refried beans. Skip the guilt with our healthy recipe made with organic Green Valley pinto beans. Made in just five minutes, this recipe is an easy alteration on the much-loved Mexican side dish.

Avocado Toast with Blackened Corn & Queso Fresco
On the days you wake up craving Mexican, avocado toast is the way to go. Rather than going for the standard variety, try our flavored-up toast topped with organic whole kernel corn and queso fresco.

Avocado Toast

Chicken Quesadillas with Zesty Corn Salsa
No Mexican line-up would be complete without quesadillas. Punch up the nutritional value and flavor of the dish with our custom recipe featuring lean chicken and a fresh zesty corn salsa.


Pinto Bean Chilaquiles
A Mexican-inspired dish is always a great brunch choice! We love this pinto bean chilaquiles dish – it’s a great way to put leftover meat or veggies to use and not to mention, absolutely delicious.

Did we miss any of your favorite healthy Mexican recipes? We’d love to add them to our collection! Share them with us on our Facebook and Instagram pages for your chance to be featured.