Delicious Recipes for Sweet Peas

April 25, 2016

Spring has finally broken its way through the winter winds, and that means our favorite little vegetables are finally back in season. To help fill your warmer months with delicious eats, we’ve compiled a list of meals that incorporate this specialty of ours — high in vitamin-C, protein packed, antioxidant-rich sweet peas!

Vegan Mac & Cheese
A vegan lifestyle doesn’t have to keep you away from your favorite comfort foods. This mac & cheese recipe will confuse non-vegans and leave you feeling slightly guilty but satisfied.

White Bean Salad With Peas and Mint
Mint makes for a great addition to almost any meal, and this salad is ready to eat as soon as you can (carefully) chop up its savory ingredients. If you don’t have them on hand, white beans can be easily substituted with our organic Great Northern Beans.

Parmesan Pea Soup with Crispy Bacon Bits
Made with basil, lemon, and green peas, this pea soup recipe is full of flavor and ready to enjoy in just 30 minutes. For added richness, parmesan cheese and bacon complete this delicious and nutritious dish.

Ham And Spring Pea Pastry Squares
There no better time to host party guests than in the spring! Entertain your friends and family with these perfectly creamy and crunchy Ham and Spring Pea Pastry Squares.

Peas and Pea Shoots With Spring Onions and Mint
Getting your essential vitamins and minerals each day should always be easy and fun. Just 10 minutes stand between you and this amazing meal, featuring various greens guaranteed to satisfy you and your taste buds.

Pea and Parmesan Wonton Ravioli with Lemon Brown Butter
Homemade pasta dishes are delicious but can take forever to make. That’s why we substituted carb-dense pasta sheets for thin, delicate wonton wrappers in this ravioli dish made with sweet peas. You won’t believe your taste buds when you take your first bite of a hot wonton ravioli stuffed with a creamy sweet pea and parmesan mixture and drizzled with lemon brown butter.

With these flavor-packed dishes, your family will be asking for seconds! Try one this week and let us know how it goes on our Facebook page.